A downloadable game

Perspectrum is a side-scrolling puzzle-platform game where the player uses different elements, expressed by the color-changing environment, to complete dungeons and revive a mountain. In the demo, the player has five starter caves with linear gameplay to get a feel for the controls, followed by a larger and more open town to explore. The tilesets are primarily featured as a six-color palette that changes based on the element, controlled by fountains placed in the levels. In elements, some tiles change properties as well, such as water turning into ice or lava in the grass, ice, and fire elements respectively. The ice is solid and can be walked over, and the lava kills on touch, while the water is safe for the player to enter and explore inside.

Development began in May 2016, going on hiatus during the summer with work starting up again with the introduction of a new artist in the fall, and will continue through the 2017 summer into a full-fledged game for release. Perspectrum's marketing and final development will likely be Kick-starter funded. The final game will have five dungeons alongside the hub world town, with a story being told via the dungeons. The dungeon ideas currently include an ancient library, a primarily underwater cave system, an old tomb, and the surface, alongside an expanded introduction dungeon. However, any and all of these are subject to change.

The game's feel is focused around the simplicity of the palette and the mystery of the cave, but with some light-hearted elements. A good bit of inspiration comes from classic dungeon-based puzzle explorers such as the Zelda franchise, where the player must rely on their thinking rather than raw skill. The demo should serve as a good foundation for players to learn and provide feedback on the mechanics and gameplay.