A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Community Castle is a collectathon that evolves when more people play it.

I have only hidden one item, and it's very easy to find. Each player is tasked to find all the items, and then hide one of their own for the next player to find. This way, the game evolves and gets bigger each time it is played.

There are two doors that cannot be unlocked until you find 5 and 20 collectibles respectively. This means that until the game has been played that many times, those areas are inaccessible.

This game was made in a fairly short amount of time for the Godot Wild Game Jam in Godot with server hosted on AWS.

EDIT: pretty sure the server crashed at some point and because of the very temporary nature of game jams I had no backups, so the game isn't playable anymore. Since you can't play anymore, enjoy this haiku

it's temporary

This game was an ice sculpture

now it has melted


CommunityCastleWindows.zip 10 MB
CommunityCastle.zip 25 MB
CommunityCastleLinux.zip 9 MB


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I played this when it was first released, and thought it was a very interesting idea. I wanted to come back and check out how many collectibles were hanging around now. But I'm glad to have found some comfort in your Haiku instead!